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Indoor LED Display Screen

Indoor LED Display Screen

Product Details

Material Plastic
Shape Rectangular, Square
Application Advertising, Malls.Market
Voltage 220V
Power Source Electric
Features Automatic Brightness Control, Easily Programmable
Lighting Type LED

The main criterion for use of this type of LED Display Screen is the requirement of high clarity at a relatively close viewing distance. The main features of EverGlow -Indoor Display Screens are

Use high-quality LED, have high efficiency luminescence, decreased attenuation of brightness, high stability and reliability.

Perfect anti-static precautions: can reduce the damage of LED tube, control the malfunction dot rate is lower than 5/1000000 every year.

Use advanced processing technology, guarantee for high-quality and long-lifetime products.

The bright difference of any two pixels is less than 20%,it assures our LED display's uniformity in color and brightness, in avoid "splash" "glare" "mosaic" and blur.

Low-budget, high pixel density, more vivid and stable pictures (No Flickering).

Can be normally used under the temperature between - 25 and +75 .

With production capacity of 2,000 m2 per month, can guarantee for production cycle and delivery cycle.

Including : PH1.66, PH1.875, PH2.5, PH2.6, PH2.9, PH3, PH3.91, PH4, PH4.8, PH6, etc.

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Viewing Distance

Viewing Distance

Viewing distance is one of the most important factors needed to determine the correct size of the LED Display.

As a general rule : 1 inch of text is viewable up to 50 feet away 1 or 25mm of text is viewable up to 15m away . The following diagram illustrates at what distance a specific character size of the content on an electronic sign will be recognized and understood by a stationary audience.

However, if the target audience is moving, then another factor, TIME, is required. Based on our experience and research, an average of at least three to four seconds is required for a moving audience to adequately recognize and comprehend six to eight grouping of content on an electronic sign. For example, an audience will have three seconds or less to view LED Display signs with four inches of text. If the LED Display signs have too much content, then the reader will not have sufficient time to comprehend the entire content.

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